Path: app/models/smerf_response.rb
Last Update: Sat Jan 12 15:57:19 +1100 2008

This model class manages the smerf_responses DB table. It stores the users responses to questions on a smerf form.

The users responses to questions on a form are stored in the smerf_responses table which stores a separate record for each response to a question. If a question has multiple answers then multiple records will be created for the question. Responses for a question can be found by using the unique question code assigned within the form definition file. So for example if we had a question with code ‘g1q1’ and the user selects two answers which have been assigned code values 3 and 5 then two records will be created, i.e.

    g1q1, 3
    g1q1, 5

This allows analysis of form responses via SQL.