Path: app/models/smerf_question.rb
Last Update: Sat Jan 26 18:54:02 +1100 2008

This class contains details about form questions, it derives from SmerfItem.

A group can contain any number of questions, there must be at least one question per group. When defining a question you must specify the question type, the type determines the type of form field that will be created. There are currently four types that can be used, this will be expanded as needed. The current question types are:

multiplechoice:Allows the user to select all of the answers that apply from a list of possible choices, check boxes are used for this question type as multiple selections can be made
singlechoice:Allows the user to select one answer from a list of possible choices, radio buttons are used for the question type as only a single answer can be selected
textbox:Allows the user to enter a large amount of free text, the size of the text box can be specified
textfield:Allows the user to enter a small amount of free form text, the size of the text field can be specified
selectionbox:Allows the user to select one or more answers from a dropdown list of possible choices

The following fields can be used to define a question:

code:Unique code that will identify the question, the code must be unique within a form (mandatory)
type:Specifies the type of field that should be constructed on the form for this question, see above list for current types (mandatory)
question:The text of the question, this field is optional as subquestions do not have to have question text
textbox_size:Specifies the size of the text box to construct, rows x cols, defaults to 30x5 (optional)
textfield_size:Specified the size of the text field that should be constructed, specified in the number of visible characters, default to 30 (optional)
header:Specifies a separate heading for the question. The text will be displayed above the question allowing questions to be broken up into subsections (optional)
sort_order:Specifies the sort order for the question
help:Help text that will be displayed below the question
answers:Defines the answers to the question if the question type displays a list of possibilities to the user
validation:Specifies the validation methods (comma separated) that should be executed for this question, see Validation and Errors section for more details
selectionbox_multiplechoice:Specifies if the dropdown box should allow multiple choices

Below is an example question definition:

          code: g1q1
          type: singlechoice
          sort_order: 1
          question: | Specify your ages
          help: | Select the <b>one</b> that apply
          validation: validate_mandatory_question