Path: app/models/smerf_group.rb
Last Update: Sat Jan 12 15:57:19 +1100 2008

This class contains details about smerf form groups, it derives from SmerfItem.

Each form is divided up into groups of questions, you must have at least one group per form. Here are the fields that are currently available when defining a group:

code:This code must be unique for all groups within the form as it is used to identify each group (mandatory)
name:The name of the group, this is displayed as the group heading (mandatory)
description:Provide more detailed description/instructions for the group (optional)
questions:Defines all the questions contained within this group (mandatory)

Here is the definition for the Personal Details group of the test form:

      code: 1
      name: Personal Details Group
      description: | This is a brief description of the Personal Details Group
        here we ask you some personal details ...