SMERF has moved to GitHub

The SMERF respository has now been moved to GitHub, so to get the latest version go here. Please note: updates will no longer be available from RubyForge.

You can easily install the plugin from GitHub by doing something like this, assuming I’m in the root directory of my Rails app: 

git clone git:// vendor/plugins/smerf

11 Responses to “SMERF has moved to GitHub”

  1. 1 Balpreet Pankaj

    Thanks for the plugin. It was helpful. We ran into an issue with long forms, but it was coz of the size of the tezt column in mysql. I have written down abt it here .

  2. 2 etienne

    Hi Balpreet,

    Thank you for highlighting this issue, it may be very useful for other users that come across the same problem.

    I would like to use the longtext type as you suggested but as SMERF can be used with any Rails supported DBMS, I’m limited to the Rails data types. Rails only provide text as a valid column type so I’m limited in this respect.

  3. 3 AlekSi

    Hi! How about to write spec for gem/plugin? In this case GitHub will automatically create gem package.

  4. 4 Mike Bishop

    Wheres the gem! :)

  5. 5 etienne

    Hi Mike,

    It’s on the to do list, just trying to find some spare time to do it.


  6. 6 Tim Prentis

    Etienne, I recently needed to use smerf to create 50+ data entry forms. During the process I tweaked the Smerf forms helper slightly so I could effectively walk the DOM using JQuery. By doing this I was able to add effects sushi as slideUp() and slideDown() for subquestions. I also have a couple of other tricks included. Are you still actively involved in SMERF development? I would like to offer my JQuery friendly addition.

    Also, I don’t know whether I introduced this anomaly with my slight additions or , however, I just noticed that if no questions or subquestions have a default set and the user submits form without answering at least 1 question, SMERF raises the “owner of object is nil” or something like that. (I’m on an airplane typing this on my iPad, so don’t have access to source). Is this an expected result as I see you deed code for this occurrence?

    Anyway, please let me know if you are interested in the SMERF features adapted adapted for JQuery.

    BTW, I also added “singlechoice-horizontal” and “multiplechoice-horizontal” methods that work with the generic JQuery code so radio buttons and checkboxes could layout horizontally as well as vertically. I am now working on a way to facilitate a multiple-column layout in the YML description for a form.


  7. 7 Tim

    Etienne, please correct my abysmal typos in my previous comments should you decide to post it. I am still getting used to this iPad keyboard :-)

  8. 8 etienne

    Hi Tim,

    Wow it sounds like you have done a lot of work on improving SMERF. I would love for you to submit your changes. I have not done any work on SMERF for quite some time as I’ve had no requests for changes, but I’d be happy to look at adding your improvements.

    Thanks again for offering to contribute to the project.



  9. 9 Tim


    I’ll be happy to send you the changes. BTW, This will be my first ever contribution to an open source project. I hope you’ll like additions.

    Thanks for responding.


  10. 10 Mark Wotton

    Hi Etienne - is SMERF still a living project? Is there a plan to port to Rails 3?

  11. 11 etienne

    Hi Mark,

    Yes it is still a living project. Not much has happened on the project as I’ve not had any change requests or bugs reported.

    I have only had one other person approach me in regards to Rails3 and that was to let me know about a port that they had done, see maybe you can try it. I’ve asked for a pull request so that I can apply the changes.

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