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Rails 2.1 Unprocessed view path found error

There have been a couple of people using Rails 2.1 and above that have reported the following error:

Status: 500 Internal Server Error

  Unprocessed view path found: "…/vendor/plugins/smerf/app/views". Set your view paths with #append_view_path, #prepend_view_path, or #view_paths=

It appears that making changes directly to the view_paths array has been deprecated and #append_view_path or #prepend_view_path should be used instead. I will shortly release a new version to address this problem but in the mean time you can fix this problem by modifying the smerf_init.rb file in /vendor/plugins/smerf:

ActionController::Base.view_paths << file_path if file_path.include?(’views’)


ActionController::Base.append_view_path file_path if file_path.include?(’views’)