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Maintenance Release Version 0.0.4

Thanks to Alan Masterson for finding and reporting a bug in the way responses where being handled when using the new selectionbox question type field, release Version 0.0.4 addresses this bug.

To update your system you will need to:

  • Download and install the new version
  • Generate the plugin again as one of the template files have been updated. You will need to delete the migration file before doing this otherwise the generate will not work, the migration has not changed so you will not need to rerun it again.
  • Test your application to make sure everything still works as expected.

SMERF Version 0.0.3 Released


  • Add new selectionbox question type.
  • Add selectionbox_multiselect question option.
  • Update RDoc with new question type details.

I’ve added a new question type using the select field type as requested by Alan Masterson. You can check out the Usage page for more details. You can use this new type by setting the question type to selectionbox. This will display all your answers as a drop down list of options from which the user can select a single answer.

Single choice select

A new field selectionbox_multiplechoice can be set for a select type question that allows the user to select multiple answers. 

I’ve updated the testsmerf.yml file to include examples of the new question type. You can get this file from the vendor/plugins/smerf/generators/smerf/templates/smerf directory or you can run the smerf generator again for it to install the new version. You will need to delete the previous migration file for the generator to run.

Other changes

Allow installation via the Rails plugin installer for information check out the Download page, you can now install the plugin using

ruby script/plugin install

I’ve cleaned up the templates directory by removing all non-template files, this has allowed me to simplify the generator quite a bit.